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Project CAD - day 01: Alessi Anna pen

To sharpen up both my 3D modelling and rendering skills I’ve given myself the ambitious task to model and render everything on my desk in my spare time at work

I start this week with perhaps my favourite item, my Alessi Anna pen. The pastel colour range as well as the chrome features proved an interesting rendering challenge. I’d love to have done an exploded view but the pen is so well designed you can’t take it apart without breaking it 

Really happy with the colour match on the grips with the logo and the pens look great in an interesting composition shot against a white background

Go here to compare them to the real thing 

I used NX (unigraphics) to build the 3D part and Keyshot 2.0 for the renders. The design is unfortunately not mine; Alessandro Mendini - image consultant for Philips, Swarovski, Swatch and Bisazza - included the ball point pen in his famous Anna range in 2009 working under Alessi

Next time; my Wacom screen. 


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